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 Our Ebay store features new products every week.  Bid with confidence on our products as our feedback reflects our passion for superior customer service! 



Gunbroker is an auction site for firearms.  Here is where we sell all of our handguns as we do not sell them in store.  We also occasionally feature long guns here but those are mostly sold in-store.  



OfferUp is a simple way for us to list items that you might not catch the first time around in our store.  Items that you might not think a pawnshop would carry but is offered.   



Our newest addition to the online sales world is our Letgo account!  Very similar to OfferUp.



 Craigslist is one of the most common ways to get word out about items in our store.  No bidding required, simply see the ad then come on in to purchase it! 



It's like Craigslist but for guns! You can see most of our gun inventory right on this link!  This inventory is always changing so be sure to call us to see if we still have it.


We're On PawnGuru!

We've partnered with PawnGuru and PawnTeck. PawnGuru allows you to upload images and product info on their site for us to give you over the internet quotes!

PawnTeck allows us to give you real-time Diamond and Luxury Watch quotes, right in the store! This now allows us to offer you more for your jewelry!

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FFL Dealer Transfers


Online purchases or private party transfers. Many online companies already have our FFL license but if they don't, we will gladly send it over to them. Long guns, hand guns, receivers and more.  Call for pricing today! 

FFLs can be sent to customerservice@pondersloans.com

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