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The Ponders Crew

Since 1961, Ponders Pawnbrokers Inc., your local Pawn Shop in Lakewood, has provided fast and confidential loans and excellent customer service. We believe in the importance of forming long-lasting relationships with our clients and will do what’s necessary to keep you coming back. 

 We’re confident in the prices we offer you for your loans; in fact, 95% of our patrons return to Ponders after investigating the prices other pawn shops will offer. We buy, sell and lend. Experience the Ponders Pawnbrokers difference!

We have been a member of the Washington State Pawnbrokers Association since 1974. We are family-owned and -operated and have an underlying commitment to the region; that’s why we are active in community groups like the Puyallup Food Bank, which serves as the distribution center for 28 other food banks. Some establishments promise a better experience – we deliver it.  

Washington State Pawnbrokers Association Pawnshops

Washington State Pawnbrokers Association

We are proud members of the Washington State Pawnbrokers Association since 1974, holding its members to a higher standard. 

WSPA  works with law enforcement to understand the law, works with Lawmakers and be part of the political process across the state.  

In fact, we strongly believe in being active in the Association.  Ponders team members have been or are presently involved in the following positions:

  • President for 2 years (current)
  • Secretary for 2 years (current)
  • Secretary for 5 years 
  • Membership for 2 years (current)
  • Membership for 5 years
  • Area Representative for 27 years
  • Webmaster for 7 years (current)
  • V.P. for 12 years (past)
  • Secretary for 10 years (past)

Puyallup Food Bank Concordia Christian Academy

Around Our Community

We proudly support and are actively involved in our community. Learn more about them at the links below.